At Vicente Gandía we are firmly committed to protecting the environment and we work to ensure that our wines are the result of sustainable actions in all aspects of their cycle of life. To this end, we implement good environmental practices and mechanisms that ensure appropriate control over the use of natural resources, auxiliary materials and power sources involved in all the processes of developing, making and bottling wine and sparkling wine.

We are certified in the international standard ISO 14001 which purpose is to provide organizations with a reference framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions.



Among the main commitments aimed at the mitigation and control of significant environmental aspects, are:

  • Installation of two photovoltaic panels to optimize our electricity consumption.

  • Packaging reduction: Minimizing the weight of the bottles of our best-selling wines.

  • We purify 100% of the liquid effluents at our Hoya de Cadenas Estate, re-using them as irrigation water.

  • Proximity suppliers. We buy more than € 10 M in wines, grapes and must coming from rural areas, many of them at serious risk of depopulation, thus managing to fix these farmers in their environment giving the people who live there more opportunities.

  • Controls of greenhouse gas emission and specific measures to reduce the impact on climate change.




Vicente Gandía is aimed to promoting a CSR model that involves an active commitment to the social, economic and environmental improvement of society and the welfare of the most disadvantaged social sectors. At the same time, it defends the moderate and responsible consumption of wine, prioritizing the communication and promotion of its health benefits and cultural aspects.

We are members of Sedex, one of the leading providers of ethical services. They ensure that companies are ethically responsible and audit them, so that apply good practices of ethical behavior in terms of health and safety of workers.

In addition, the company makes all its staff aware of the application of food safety and environmental regulations through an internal communication application called Happÿdonia and with special signs adapted for employees to act accordingly with these regulations.

On the other hand, we have an Equality plan, conciliation with family life, facilitating telework, continuous working days, training plans for workers…




Every year Vicente Gandía obtains the highest rating in BRC and IFS standards, which are the most widely recognized and prestigious of their kind in the food industry worldwide. In terms of logistics, it’s one of the few companies in the world to achieve AEO certification as an Authorized Economic Operator, which guarantees compliance with strict safety standards, legal regulations and economic reliability.

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