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General Information

Type of wine: Varietal
Appellation of Origin: Utiel – Requena
Grape varieties: Bobal
Alcohol content: 13%

For many years, we at Vicente Gandía Winery have been experimenting with the Bobal variety to come up with modern wines of a high quality. At the outset the results were not particularly encouraging, and we had to reject entire runs that did not come up to standard. But then we learned that, by pruning young to reduce the grape yield per vine, picking from old vines and selecting the best grapes, excellent results began to come about. The secret lay in selecting only the best.



Vinification of the Bobal variety takes place in stainless steel tanks, maintained at 26ºC and macerated for 15 days with the skins.

Tasting notes

This is a modern, elegant wine, with intense colour and fruit and rich cherry tones from its high acidity. In the nose it presents a range of wild fruit and toasted oak aroma. In the mouth the tannins are meaty and flavoursome, with a perfect blend between hints of fresh fruit and toasting notes, with a smooth, balanced, characterful finish. Serve at 15/16 ºC.

Medals / Awards