Tira de madera

Discover a place full of sensations

Our Hoya de Cadenas estate is located 90 km from the city of Valencia. Its location on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca allows it to produce the finest local and international grape varieties.

An oenological paradise with a unique micro-climate, the thermal oscillations between day and night give the grapes their own characteristics and facilitate the accumulation of the highly-valued polyphenols.

Tira de madera

Would you like to visit our estate?

At Hoya de Cadenas we place great importance on experiences. This is why we have turned our guided tour into one where you can enjoy different activities.

You, your friends and family will be able to enjoy some wonderful views while you make your way to our house-museum to continue discovering the origins of the winery, ending with a magnificent tasting of 3 wines. Sounds like something you might enjoy?

Book yourself a unique wine experience.

Tira de madera

viticultores desde 1885

Somos herederos de una larga tradición vinícola a lo largo de 4 generaciones de negocio familiar.
Desde 1885 nos hemos dedicado a la viticultura y en especial a la elaboración de grandes vinos.