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Viticulture at Bodegas Vicente Gandia

For 135 years we have devoted our efforts and resources to building a winery with a solid philosophy and an essence of its own. Our hallmarks are constant evolution, a focus on innovation and market trends, reinventing ourselves every day.

Our roots run deep in the best terroirs of the Valencian Community, with two estates: Hoya de Cadenas (in the Alta de Utiel Requena) and Casa Gallur (on the slopes of the Sierra de Mariola). Here we develop wines with the essence and DNA of Vicente Gandía, from the vine to your glass.

Of course, it all is controlled by our team of winemakers:

Diego Morcillo

“Wine is a way of facing and living life through the roots of the vines, from its very birth moment in the vineyards, wine never tells you lies, it is honest, it fills you with joy even though if sometimes it gives you bad tastes, it makes you live life limitless and above all it strengthens you as a person, at the end of the road, our wines are the result of a life of constant effort, almost always as a team and of course always as a family, the great VICENTE GANDIA PLA family”.

Diego Morcillo, Director Técnico de Bodegas Vicente Gandia


“As we all know viticulture is the art and science of growing the vine, we have to bear in mind that one of the fundamental factors to obtain a good wine is born from the care and good handling of the grape… To say that as a viticulturist it is work very beautiful but very sacrificed, where each strain if you pamper it and know how to give it what it needs at all times, it will more than reward you for your effort and work.

I would like us to give viticulture the importance it deserves”.

Juan Vicente Montero, Responsable de Viticultura



“Winemaking is like cooking, if you put your heart, passion and wisdom you have such a wonderful cocktail that allows you to create, inspire, shape that pleasant drink such as wine”.

Fernando Freire, Winemaker



“One of the most gratifying things is to see a person or a group of people that you don’t know at all, watch them enjoy your wine, that makes all the effort worth it”.

José Luis Claramunt, Winemaker



“Wine is an art and a passion in which I have been involved, and I enjoy every day making bottled secrets, which are tasted in small doses, like great perfumes. Because as someone once said, who knows how to taste, never drinks wine, but tastes secrets”.

Carla Serra, Winemaker

Our production is based on traditional varieties such as Bobal, Monastrell, Macabeo and Muscatel, which play a large part in the composition of the wines we offer. We also innovate with riskier productions and foreign varieties to provide more modern nuances and tastes.

In short, Vicente Gandía’s wines are a reflection of ourselves: authentic, from the Mediterranean, Valencian, rich in nuance and always painstakingly well-mannered and presented.

viticultores desde 1885

Somos herederos de una larga tradición vinícola a lo largo de 4 generaciones de negocio familiar.
Desde 1885 nos hemos dedicado a la viticultura y en especial a la elaboración de grandes vinos.