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debo pagar por un vino

How much should I pay for a good wine?

This is the second question that everyone I meet for the first time asks me after I tell them that I work in a winery. And the truth is, it is as difficult as being told to describe yourself in four words. But well, I’ll try to answer.

There are some 5000 wineries throughout Spain that produce around 37 million hectoliters (according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food). This means, the amount equivalent to 9000 Olympic swimming pools, or to give you better idea, almost 5,000 million bottles a year. If we also add 67 Appellation of Origin, 2 Qualified Denominations of Origin, 19 Parcel Wines and 8 Quality Wines things get complicated. That’s why I understand the doubts generated by choosing a good wine.

What does this lead us?

All of this brings us to the well-known quality-price ratio. Yes, it’s a classic, but it’s the most recommended.

But what is quality?

It’s a somewhat abstract, personal and intangible concept. It’s like sex, it’s only appreciated when it is experienced. But unfortunately when you have a bottle from the supermarket shelf in your hand, it cannot be considered a sensory experience, so you must trust your instincts.

And what should I take into account when choosing a wine?

Always bet on the winning horse:

– Choose winery / brand you have heard of

– Choose the type of wine that best suits the moment you are going to enjoy it.

– Choose the best presentation (bottle, label, the one you like the most)

– Select the best price.

Taking into account that the average purchase price of a bottle of wine is € 4.61 according to the data of the Spanish Observatory of the Wine Market in 2019, if you buy a € 5 bottle you will already be buying a good wine. In this line you can find the Hoya de Cadenas range in any supermarket.

But if you want to impress your partner (something a bit complicated) go to more sophisticated ranges such as El Miracle Experience (around € 6-7).

For those special moments, in what you say because I am worth it, I recommend wines such as Ceremonia Reserva or wines as unique as Uva Pirata and Ostras Pedrín (about € 10-14 per bottle)

And now, if what you want is to convince your boss for a salary increase, scratch your pocket a little and opt for more exclusive ranges such as Vicente Gandia Bobal Blanco and Negro or Generación 1. (Around € 18 a bottle and you can buy them in specialized stores and online stores).

In any case, you will be right because Vicente Gandía is a winery whose aim is to always offer the best possible value for money.

And now I will tell you why I am convinced that the Vicente Gandía label is synonymous with good value for money:

  • 135 years of experience
  • First winery to bottle wine in Valencia in 1971 (Castillo de Liria).
  • Best Spanish producer at AWC Vienna in 2014
  • 49th best winery in the world according to the list of the World Association of Writers and Journalists of Wine and Spirits of 2014.
  • 15th best winery in Spain according to the Alimarket ranking in 2015.
  • Best European winery 2018 according to the European Council of Gastronomic Guilds.
  • More than 500 medals obtained for their wines, throughout these years, in the most prestigious international competitions.
  • One of the only wineries that year after year consolidates its reputation, obtaining the highest quality-price ratings from the most important wine guides in Spain:
  • Peñín Guide
  • The Wine Week
  • The Supervinos of Spain Guide

To finish I want to share with you something from my personal experience.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a few years of work with a winemaker that I consider, due to his career and recognition, one of the best in Spain, Luis García Severino (Vicente Gandía’s winemaker from 1980 to 2019, retired and still riding a motorcycle). He always said the same:

“Making a good wine is very easy … but making a good wine for all budgets is somewhat more complicated.” However, he knew how to do it and pave the way for Vicente Gandía to be one of the best wineries in the world today.

By the way, you may have wondered what the first question they ask me is. Well, this is:

“And do you spend the day drinking wine?”

I will answer this in another post.



Article written by:
Diego Viudez,
Marketing & Export Assistant

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