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Casa Gallur Vicente Gandia

Singular Viticulture is the new bet of Bodegas Vicente Gandia

The valencian winery buy the Casa Gallur Estate in Caudete, a dream vineyards from which its iconic winemaking project will be born.

Casa Gallur Estate is the new bet of the Bodegas Vicente Gandia’s new commitment to high-expression oenology, 61 Hectares of “Singular Viticulture” in a privileged environment that meets the best conditions for viticulture. The property is located in the municipality of Caudete, 600 meters above the sea level, within the innermost areas of “Valencian Tuscany” where rainfall is even more scarce, giving wines of stunning concentration.

The municipality of Caudete currently belongs to the province of Albacete, but historically it belonged to the Kingdom of Valencia. After the War of Succession of 1707 Caudete was declared as rebel city and was annexed to the Crown of Castile. Due to its location within the “Vall dels Alforins” and its historical character, the Casa Gallur Estate is an exceptional wine parcel where it’s allowed to make wines from the Protected Appellation of Origin Valencia.

Four noble varieties are grown in this vineyard: Tempranillo, Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, all of them red grapes. The soil of the farm is very stony and very arid, which makes possible to grow vines with very little yield. The grapes that are produced in this estate are of an excellent quality with a lot of colour, a lot of concentration and a great fruit load. With these grapes the winery will make its new high-end wines.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía is immersed in an ambitious and exciting project to make great iconic wines with grapes from Casa Gallur State. The new wines of the 2019 vintage that are already in the maturation phase will see the light in early 2022 and will allow the Valencia Protected Appellation of Origin to have references to position itself among the best wines in the world.

Javier Gandía, CEO of Bodegas Vicente Gandía; “After a year and a half of break in one of the key sectors for our winery, which is the restaurant channel, we are committed to returning to our roots, returning to the land to add wines with a unique personality that transmit the purity of our farms to our offer. With the incorporation of the Casa Gallur Estate to our terroirs, we will make possible our ambition to be able to produce high-end wines that will be able to share space with the most luxurious wines in the world”.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía is one of the 10 oldest companies in the Valencian Community and has always carried oenology in its DNA during its more than 136 years of history. Vicente Gandía is an innovative winery that never loses sight of the oenological legacy of which it is the heir “Winegrowers since 1885″


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