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4 Christmas pairings

Do you know what wine to pair with the dishes this Christmas? Our winemaker Fernando Freire offers some advice on some wines for the most typical dishes for this special time of year.

Christmas is a time of special moments surrounded by friends and family, the funny thing is that there are always moments when food and drink are present. The refrigerators of all the homes are filled, but… What if they told you about affordable wines with which you can surprise your guests this Christmas?

Fernando Freire suggests some wines to surprise your most demanding of guests. He proposes 4 perfect pairings for these dates:

Roast suckling pig

It is one of the main dishes in most of the houses on these special dates. Fernando Freire points out “This dish seems simple to pair, but it is not. The suckling pig is a meat with more fat than others, so I would opt for a young wine. In the case that we want a red wine, a good accompaniment would be the Miracle 120. A soft wine, with good structure and a fresh finish. If instead we prefer a white, I would pair it with El Miracle 120 white, an intense wine in the mouth with a perfect acidity/alcohol balance”.


A typical dish in almost houses at this time of year is seafood, and for its flavour to be even more outstanding a perfect pairing is an intense white wine. Freire highlights: “A wine that combines perfectly with seafood and fish is the Ostras Pedrín. A friendly white wine, sweet, elegant, vivacious, fruity and with a long-lasting finish”.

Suckling lamb

Accompany this dish with Generación 1 is a perfect combination since the lamb meat is powerful in the mouth and therefore needs a full-bodied wine. According to Fernando “Generación 1 is kind on the palate but intense, with well-diffused tannins and a long aftertaste. This pairing is a different combination that will surprise you”.

Stuffed turkey

Stuffed turkey is a dish with complex flavours, ideally paired with a wine with soft tannins. “I would recommend a wine such as Bo, a red wine with fleshy and tasty tannins that will help enhance the flavour of the filling. It is characterized by a smooth and balanced finish, which will give more intensity to the turkey”.

“Marrying a meal with this wine is a guaranteed success” Fernando Freire.

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