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A barbecue with friends this weekend. Recommended wine

At this time of year is when we have more lunches or dinners and given the situation we are experiencing, an outdoor barbecue is always a good idea. But, With what wines do we pair a barbecue? It is not easy since there are times and different foods that can be grilled.

The time of the arrival of the guests is important, the aperitif begins to develop. Undoubtedly, we take a chance on a very cold, elegant, fresh and long persistence in mouth a rose wine: El Miracle nº5.

Wines for a meat barbecue

If we barbecue with meats such as lamb or veal, the ideal would be to decide on a simple and strong wine. Our suggestion would be: Hoya de Cadenas Reserva. It is of the Tempranillo variety, a smooth, velvety wine with an elegant and spicy finish.

There is the possibility that you prefer to accompany this type of meat with something cooler in summer, so we suggest a rose wine: Finca del Mar Rosé. Its aromatic persistence allows the spirit of this wine to linger on the palate for a long time.

In the case that the barbecue the barbecue was more focused on lighter meats such as chicken or any type of white meat, we would bet on a slightly more intense white wine, with body, fresh and fruity. An Albariño would be a success: Con Un Par Albariño.

Wines for a fish barbecue

The best companion for a grilled fish with the sensation of smoked and grill marks, the ideal would be a white wine. We take a chance on a Finca del Mar Sauvignon Blanc that stands out for its fresh, unctuous and the end is tasty and long.

Wines for a vegetable barbecue

In this case, a Verdejo would be a fantastic choice as it could be: Nebla Verdejo. An unctuous white wine, with a great fruity finish and a refreshing acidity.

If we wanted to pair it with a red wine, our choice would be on a young wine such as Con Un Par Monastrell Petit Verdot. A very well structured, smooth, fresh wine with great personality.


After all, BBQ involves the outdoors, family and friends. Without any tags or formalities, but as a social moment that is even better if you accompany it with a wine. The important thing is to enjoy.



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