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Excellent scores in the US for Vicente Gandia

Ultimate Wine Appraisal contest has given very high scores to the wines of the Valencian winery.

Ultimate Beverage Challenge with two annual contests: Ultimate Spirits Challenge and Ultimate Wine Appraisal. is the new benchmark for wine contests in the United States. The careful selection of the jury is made up of journalists, shoppers, restaurateurs, bar owners and influencers. This competition promotes the ratings to the consumers, the media, and wine trading through its website, emails, social media and subscriptions.

This are the scores obtained by Vicente Gandia :

Sandara Premium White Wine & Sake

Score: 93 Great Value. Excellent, Highly Recommended

Sandara Premium Blood Orange

Score: 91 Excellent, Highly Recommended.

EL MIRACLE Nº3 Premium White 2019

Score: 91 Excellent, Highly Recommended.

EL MIRACLE Nº5 Premium Rosé 2019

Score: 90 Excellent, Highly Recommended.

Ultimate Wine Appraisal raises the standard for the wine evaluation. All the products are are reviewed under ideal tasting conditions over a period of time that allows them to express their best characteristics. Each product is evaluated blindly using various panels in multi-stage evaluations.

The ratings of this competition are very credible and significant for the wine industry. The American consumers will appreciate the value of these recognitions and scores.

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