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Bodegas Vicente Gandia turns 135 years and celebrates it by launching a new range of premium products under the “EL MIRACLE” brand

Vicente Gandía to celebrate his 135 years in the wine industry, releases the new collection of wines under the “EL MIRACLE” brand. In addition, it has decided to do it in style and has developed its own bottles. It is a totally innovative, exclusive packaging with a very elegant design. The new MIRACLE is presented in a unique bottle in which the lines that outline the glass radiate reflections of light that allow you to admire the glow that comes from inside.

El Miracle takes a big leap by reinventing the concept and positioning of this wine brand. As a tribute to the company’s 135th anniversary, the new range is made up of 3 new wines: EL MIRACLE Nº01, EL MIRACLE Nº03, EL MIRACLE Nº05. Three authentic wines made from indigenous varietal from “Comunidad Valenciana”.

For its design, these new packagings look like a perfume bottle, which gives it its own elegance and personality, with its unique and attractive design. A bottle to admire where the lines of the glass radiate attitude. El Miracle is a visual show that invites you to savor it at first sight.

The new range of EL MIRACLE products wants to stand out to differ from the competition. For those cosmopolitan souls and palates who know to recognize the exceptional events and rescue them from the everyday life. For those who toast for never lose the ability to value the miracles that surround us.

“Make it happen” is the claim chosen for this new range of wines. The main idea is that “sometimes miracles happen, we just have to provoke them.” It’s up to each of us to transform and live unique experiences. These daily miracles are the message that appears in each of the 3 bottles of the new range. Those little miracles that we don’t care about, but they do happen, and more often than we think. We are responsible for “making things happen”.

Vicente Gandía has created an AR (augmented reality) app which will make you travel through your memories or dedicate a message to that special peolple. This app allows you to see a 3D world around the new bottles of El miracle and create a customized video that can be shared with your family or friends. This is an app that brings you beyond the wine experience. (

How are these three miracles?

MIRACLE Nº1 is a red wine made with Bobal and Cabernet Sauvignon. Intense cherry colour with violet highlights. Its bouquet has typical aromas of ripe red fruits, along with delicate caramel notes. On the palate, it is a wine of great structure with soft tannins, well balanced with a long finish.

MIRACLE Nº03 is a white wine made with Macabeo, Moscatel, Malvasía and Merseguera varieties. This wine shows bright layers of pale yellow with a green tinge. Intense aromas of tropical and white fruits abound. On the palate, it is wide, fresh with an elegant acidity.

MIRACLE Nº5 is a bobal rosé that stands out for pale pink color with violet hue. It’s bouquet displays the strawberry aromas so characteristic of the Bobal grape variety and its lively fruit is present on the palate with a refreshing acidity. It’s taste is very elegant on the mouth and is fresh and with long aftertaste.

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