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Great Gold Medal for Vicente Gandía Bobal Dulce, in the Verema Varietal Wine competition.

Vicente Gandía Bobal Dulce has broken all expectations in its first vintage by becoming one of the best sweet wines in Spain, according to the score obtained in the Verema Varietal Wine competition, an international competition that values ​​the quality of wines produced, according to the European regulations, with a dominant grape variety with at least 80% in its composition.

This sweet wine is made with grapes selected in the exclusive vineyards of Vicente Gandía and collected manually in small 10 kilo boxes (baskets), these are deposited in cold rooms specially designed for this complex production process. After remaining for the appropriate time and verifying that the entire batch of clusters has a homogeneous temperature, they are transferred directly to the press in order to press them very gently and thereby obtain a super concentrated and impressive flower must, so the The yield of these grapes does not exceed 30%, making this must a diamond in the rough. Once that coveted flower must is extracted, it is transferred to stainless steel tanks, controlling its temperature to ferment very slowly and thus be able to preserve all the natural/primary aromas (of the grape itself). Fermentation control takes place daily, at the end it is cooled and racked with its fine lees, stabilized, filtered, bottled and labeled by hand in an artisanal way. 

Thus we obtain a pale pink color with slightly salmon tones, clean and bright. Notes of ripe and concentrated strawberry emerge towards our nose, intertwined between hints of apple, citrus and a slightly floral finish, all with immense intensity. As it passes through the mouth it fills it completely, marking a great balance between the concentration of its natural sugar and the freshness of a perfectly marked acidity that makes it sweet, eternal and very elegant.

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