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Ostras Pedrin among the 5 best wines of 2020 by Chef and Restaurant Magazine

Chef and Restaurant is a magazine with decades of experience in the gastronomy industry, distributed to all Michelin Star restaurants in the UK and Ireland. It has high quality content created exclusively for its readers premium profile. They define themselves not just as journalists but as storytellers.

Ostras Pedrin Verdosilla has been rated as the one of the 5 best wines of 2020. Their tasters and writers define it as: “A very unique white wine. Created by the winemaker Luis García Severino from a local grape called Verdosilla, a singular golden yellow grape unique to this region. This varietal offers citrus flavours that you can find in this wine which also has pleasant herbal character, not many different from Sauvignon Blanc and a long taste of ripe fruit that remains long time in the mouth.

This prestigious rating by this magazine promises a great future for Ostras Pedrin Verdosilla in the Michelin Star restaurants in UK and Ireland.

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