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Bobal Rosa


General Information

Apellation of origin: Utiel – Requena
Type of wine: Pale pink
Grape variety: Bobal
Alcohol content: 12%
Serve at: 7-8ºC



Bobal Rosa has been made by direct pressing of whole grapes. We carry out a gentle pressing to extract only 50% yield and thus obtain a fine must rich in primary aromas. Before fermenting, we let it macerate for four days with its bubbles to enhance its body and roundness. It is fermented at 14ºC for three weeks and, subse-quently, remains in contact with its lees for three months, generating a mouthfeel of smoothness and volume. Bobal Rosa is the result of a careful and slow elaboration, with an attractive image and enveloping color.

Tasting notes

It has a very pale pink color with coppery reflections. On the nose it expresses delicate aromas of rose, red fruit and grapefruit. In the mouth it is agile, fresh and very pleasant and unctuous to drink.

Medals / Awards