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El Miracle Nº03

Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc y Chardonnay

General Information

Type of wine: White Premium
Appellation of origin: Utiel – Requena
Alcohol content: 12%


It’s a miracle that you’re here, that you’ve chosen this bottle, that you’re reading these words. We often dream so big that we forget about the wonderful things happening around us every day. A surprise trip, that song that took you back to your childhood, or the strange coincidence of finding love… in the end, mira-cles are just extraordinary events – and life is full of them. It all depends on you. You can keep waiting for that big event that might change your life, or you can toast the here and now, and make the miracle happen yourself.

Sometimes the extraordinary does happen – you just have to let it.



Tasting notes

This wine shows bright layers of pale yellow with a green tinge. Intense aromas of tropical and white fruits abound. On the palate, it is ample, fresh with an elegant acidity.

Medals / Awards