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Garnacha Tintorera keeps a secret inside

Sometimes knowing where a variety comes from is difficult; there are times when the same variety has different names depending on where it is grown. The Garnacha Tintorera has a confusing origin and in this respect there are different opinions.

Henri Bouschet in 1866 crossed the petit bouschet with the fleshy Grenache (in France it is also called “Alicante” and that is why it is also called Alicante Bouschet.

This variety has a great secret, it is very different from the others.

What sets Garnacha Tintorera apart?

This variety of red grapes is the only one that has violaceous pulp; in the rest of the varieties of grapes with dark skin, the pulp is white.

The Tintorera provides very intense wines that are normally used to mix with other varieties with less colour, complementing reds from colder regions that have a lesser degrees and colour. That is why it is sold in bulk.

This variety is rich in polyphenols (good for your health). Its wine ages well, has medium acidity harmonized with aromas of black fruits. Until a few years ago there were no single-varietal Tintorera wines; now wine lovers show more interest in Garnacha, it has become fashionable. Its racial and intense wines make this variety considered in high regard in the wine culture.

In Spain it is grown in only a few places. We find it in the interior of the province of Alicante and east of Albacete, in the Corredor de Almansa and in the interior of Galicia.

Where is it grown? Spain is one of those few places. It is present in the east of Albacete, in the interior of the province of Alicante, in some parts of the interior of Galicia and in the Almansa Corridor.

One of the few wines made with Garnacha Tintorera is EL MIRACLE BY MARISCAL; a wine that leaves no one indifferent to its charisma. It is prepared by Luis García, an oenologist from Bodegas Vicente Gandía, and is considered a true work of art.

Its label has been designed by the Valencian artist Javier Marical. It shows a drawing made on an authentic oak barrel, which are used in the ageing of the wine. This work belongs to the Arte en Barricas collection, from the museum of the Hoya de Cadenas de Utiel estate.

If you have not yet enjoyed its aroma and taste do not hesitate. We are faced with an intense red wine, made with fruits of old vines which gives it that seriousness so appreciated in modern winemaking, with a round palate and expressive and intense aromas.

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