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Maximiliano Bao

The best Spanish sommelier is from Valencia and his name is Maximiliano Bao

The Brand Ambassador of Bodegas Vicente Gandía wins the Verema Award for the best sommelier of 2022

In the 2022 Verema Awards edition, Maximiliano Bao, Brand Ambassador of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, has won the Best Sommelier award. The Verema Awards are awarded by members and regular participants of this great community of fans of the world of wine and gastronomy. In this year’s voting, the participation figure of the previous year has been exceeded, with an unprecedented vote, more than 250,000 votes cast jointly among the 17 categories. These votes come from all over Spain, so the impact of these awards is national.

Maximiliano Bao is a sommelier with the soul of a poet. He is passionate about the world of wine and knows how to put the right word to describe each sensation, put a touch of heat in each tasting note. In addition to the Verema Award that he has just obtained, Maximiliano was already “Golden Nose in 2005” and “Best Sommelier of the Valencian Community in 2014”, and has extensive experience and training in wines.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía hired Maximiliano Bao to carry out training workshops and professional tastings of the winery’s premium wines, to the different associations of the sector. To taste a good wine, the glass that is used is essential, where it has been stored and how it is served. For this reason, with its incorporation, the winery decided to carry out the distribution of the Euroselecció brands to offer a unique tasting experience with the best tools available for it.

Maximiliano Bao: “With the distribution of Riedel, Coravin and Eurocave we offer our clients the possibility of being able to serve and preserve our great wines with the best tools so that the consumption experience is perfect and matches the wine we make”.

With this recognition obtained by Maximiliano Bao, Bodegas Vicente Gandía closes the circle of its ambitious plan to produce high-expression wines, led by the renowned winemaker Pepe Hidalgo, who joined the winery in 2019 and has been producing iconic wines ever since. They are positioning Bodegas Vicente Gandía and Valencian wines in general at levels of excellence never before achieved, obtaining great acceptance by critics and a multitude of recognitions in the form of prizes and high scores. References such as the Vicente Gandía Bobal trilogy, Ceramic Monastrell or Clos de Gallur have become the winery’s most iconic wines and already compete without any complexes with great references of world-renowned wines.

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