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Uva Pirata, gold medal in Brussels

Uva Pirata from Bodegas Vicente Gandía obtains Gold Medal in the 25th edition of “Concours Mondial de Bruxelles”.

The international competition of Brussels, an international competition of alcoholic beverages, is the only itinerant competition. Its peculiarity is that it carries out quality control tests on all the awarded wines. In this contest, 9,180 wines from 39 different countries were presented and tasted by an international panel of judges. This contest was held in Beijing (China) and took place from 11 to 13 May.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía presented its Uva Pirata wine from the Peculiar Wines range, and after being tasted by experts and having passed the quality tests, it won a Gold Medal.

Peculiar Wines, an oenological creativity based on personal projects of the winemakers of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. They are micro-developments, zones and special varieties, unique designs. They are Valencian wines with a message in each bottle and they tell a story.

Uva Pirata, is a red wine with designation of origin Valencia. This wine reflects the fact that you have to enjoy the pirate side of life. We all have our pirate side, like winemaker Fernando Freire who is discreet and formal but did not hesitate to navigate the wine seas to discover the most pirate variety, Petit Verdot.

This wine has a wonderful cherry red with violet tones. On the nose it gives aromas of summer fruits, blackberries, caramel, vanilla and mocha. The palate is fruity, elegant, spicy, full-bodied, balanced and with a long finish. Recommended to enjoy with a good steak, cured cheese (like Stilton) or game meat

Bodegas Vicente Gandía launched the Peculiar Wines range about 2 years ago. Uva Pirata does never ceases to provide enjoyment, from the moment it was launched it won the Gold Medal in AWC Vienna, 91 points in the “Sin mala Uva” Guide and now again in this international contest. Year after year, the winery shows that its products maintain or improve its quality.

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