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El Miracle is consolidated as the valencian premium wine brand after achieving different recognitions worldwide

The Valencian cava El Miracle Brut from Bodegas Vicente Gandía, considered one of the best according to “The Fifty Best Wines 2018”, and El Miracle 120 Anniversary Rosé win Distinguished Recognition from the DOP Valencia.

The Fifty Best contest awards El Miracle Cava Brut with a Gold Medal, winning the award for the best “Sparkling Wine”. This contest was held in the United States, where 14 judges blindly tasted 17 sparkling wines from around the world.

El Miracle Cava Brut is made using the traditional method or “champenoise”. After obtaining the base wine with a white perfumed variety such as Macabeo and another variety with body like Chardonnay, it is aged in the bottle for a minimum of 12 months. During this period the bottles remain in a horizontal position, called “in stacks”, at a constant temperature of about 15ºC, in order to carry out a second fermentation by accumulating the yeasts along the bottle.

After tasting all the wines and scoring them, the judges highlighted El Miracle Cava Brut’s aroma of “red apple, ripe mango, lemon, citrus grapefruit, sugar, mineral”, among other things. In addition, they point out that in the mouth it is: “Tropical, clean, energetic and citric, and its finish is refreshing, very pleasant and slightly acidic”.

In addition, the El Miracle 120 Anniversary Rosé has been awarded a Gold Medal for the Denomination of Origin Valencia as “Distinguished in Valencia”. This award has been granted by the Valencian Sommeliers Association.

15 years ago Bodegas Vicente Gandía launched this range to the market, El Miracle is one of its flagship brands. This brand is full of life, it denotes positive symbols of joy and happiness. With these awards, El Miracle is consolidated as the leading brand of premium Valencian wine.

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