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Vicente Gandía releases two new vermouths

Ostras Pedrín and Con Un Par are the new vermouths that the Valencian winery has released on the market

Bodegas Vicente Gandía makes a leap forward and releases two vermouths of their own making on the market. Pepe Hidalgo, technical director of the winery, has been in charge of leading the development of these two new products. This launch means continuing to adding value to both its on and off trade customers, since each of them is aimed at a different channel.

Ostras Pedrín, is an artisan vermouth made with wine from the vineyards of Finca Hoya de Cadenas Estate and 37 botanicals macerated for 1 month and a half. It stands out for its intense mahogany color with ruby ​​red reflections. On the nose it is an explosion of citrus aromas (orange peel, lime and grapefruit) and vegetable notes of local botanicals such as Pebrella and Savory, endemic to the pre-coastal mountains of the Valencian Community. Its 37 botanicals give this artisan Vermouth a wide and robust palate, with an agile step and a long finish with a very elegant bitter aftertaste.

This vermouth is aimed at the off trade channel. The goal of the winery with this product is to add value to its hospitality customers and help boost their business with a drink that is in such high demand.

Con Un Par, it is a traditional vermouth infused with the Muscatel Holandas that we use to fortify our wines, giving it a unique character. With a couple of months of natural maceration of the herbs, among which pebrella, savory and orange peel stand out. Mahogany in color with copper reflections. It presents fine aromas of orange peel, rosemary, thyme and cola notes on the nose. In the mouth it is broad, vibrant, with good acidity and a long and slightly bitter aftertaste. This vermouth will be available on the food channel. The winery wants to bring this drink closer to the homes of consumers.

Both vermouths have been created by the team of winemakers from Bodegas Vicente Gandia, under the instructions of Pepe Hidalgo. “We have gone one step further, before we only made wine and cava, now we have dared with vermouth and we are very happy with the result.”

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