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cero coma blanco

Vicente Gandia’s Cero Coma White recognized in Germany as the best value for money

The prestigious German magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT highlights Cero Coma White as the best value for money

The German magazine WEINWIRTSCHAFT issues an article in which Cero Coma White standing out as the best value for money within the category of dealcoholized wines in the German market.

WEINWIRTSCHAFT, is a publication belonging to the prestigious German publishing group Meininger, specialized in the wine sector. This magazine is considered one of the most important and reliable sources regarding the wine, sparkling and champagne market and the content, news and trends reflected in its pages have significant prescriptive power not only among wine aficionados but also among experts in this market.

What is Cero Coma White like?

It is a dealcoholized wine, straw yellow in color with slight greenish tones, clean and bright. It presents an elegant balance between floral and fruit aromas, highlighting the aromas of fruits such as pear and green apple. Its palate is light, pleasant and with a remarkable aftertaste. A 0.0% alcohol white that leaves no one indifferent. In addition, WEINWIRTSCHAFT stands out that this wine has a spicy profile with notes of anise and caramel and a powerful body.

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