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Finca del Mar Rosé


General Information

Type of wine: Varietal Wine
Appellation of Origin: Utiel – Requena
Grape varieties: Bobal
Alcohol content: 12%



The grapes are harvested during the first fortnight of October. There is then a short period of maceration in contact with grape skins and theis juice in order to draw out the very particular aromas which characterise this variety and to obtain the desired tones. Fermetation takes places at 16ºC to perserve the aromas extracted.

Tasting notes

Pale pink colour, its bouquet presents the strawberry aroma so characteristic of the Bobal variety and its fruit character is confirmed on palate, with a refreshing acidity. Its aromatic persistence allows the spirit of this wine to linger on the palate for a long time.

Medals / Awards