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Sustainability is not a fashion but an obligation

The new times have brought uncertainty that, in one way or another, are having an impact on the economy and, consequently, on society and consumer habits.

The crisis is causing a lack of supply and rising prices of essential materials for our sector such as glass, cork, cardboard, wood and capsules. The supply crisis joins the energy crisis, with repercussions on production and logistics costs.

On the other hand, the effects of climate change have a direct impact on agriculture, shortening the vegetative cycle of the vineyard, which forces the harvest to be brought forward to guarantee quality parameters, which has as a consequence, the lower profitability of the harvests and the increase in the price of wine.

With this context, we face a series of threats that present us with enormous challenges.

If we want to tackle these challenges with a guarantee, we need to create solid foundations in the three axes that our sustainability plan develops:

  • People: to understand society and our stakeholders and be able to address their expectations and requirements in terms of equality, employment, security and social welfare, among others, creating alliances to achieve our goals.
  • Planet: identify our environmental aspects and their interaction with the environment in order to establish mechanisms to prevent pollution and protect the environment, committing ourselves to reducing our carbon footprint and the efficiency of the use of non-renewable resources.
  • Products: use of innovation and creativity, as a lever for adaptation to the new context, allowing us to continue growing in new markets and establishing ourselves in the present ones with quality products, generating prosperity and economic growth.

By promoting these axes, Valencian companies will be able to obtain greater confidence and therefore a better negotiating position, to guarantee the supply of materials.

After the pandemic, it is expected that there will be an economic recovery and an increase in consumption globally in the coming years. Therefore, if we have known how to adapt to the new context, we will have been able to turn threats into opportunities and be in a position to continue growing in a sustainable way.


Article written by:
Javier Gandia,
General Director of Bodegas Vicente Gandia

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