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Ideal pairings for autumn

Temperatures change and our eating habits change and we want to enjoy warmer or spoon dishes. It is time to enjoy seasonal products such as pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, truffles or stews and of course they can be paired with wonderful wines to find a more than perfect harmony.

How can we pair these foods?

Mushroom season is here. Keep in mind that each type of mushroom has a different flavor, texture and aroma. This information is important to take into account which wine would best pair in order to achieve a balance of flavors and that one flavour does not overshadow the other.

Therefore, we avoid sweet wines and very intense wines (such as reserva or gran reserva) in order to achieve this balance. However, if we taste a truffle or a dish with truffles, the perfect accompaniment will be a powerful and full-bodied wine such as Ceremonia Reserva. A red wine that it’s vigorous, ample and balanced on the palate.

A star dish of the autumn season is chestnut purée or Cream of pumpkin. Both dishes would combine well with a white wine, the ideal combination would be Vicente Gandia Bobal Blanco by Pepe Hidalgo. A Blanc de Noirs that in the mouth presents an integrated acidity, refreshing and with a long finish.

Stews or any other spoon dish that is more appealing at this time of year, it is important to bear in mind that they are much stronger and with a more powerful flavor, so it must be accompanied with a wine with more personality. In this case, we are sure that we would not fail with a Ceramic Monastrell. A red wine that is broad, robust on the palate, with sweet tannins and elegant acidity. In addition, its memory in the mouth is long-lasting.


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