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An organic and vegan beer brewed by winemakers. The Valencian winery is starting to explore the craft beer market with its new sustainable project.

Vicente Gandía recently decided that the most successful European winery would launch its new organic and vegan Albufera Monster beer after devoting their heart and soul to the production of fine wines over four generations throughout its 135 year history.

Myths about the existence of a monster which lives in the murky waters of Albufeira have become dispelled over time. Several witnesses have experienced sightings of a replica of what appeared like a giant eagle which has reinvigorated the legend of the Albuferian monster. Is this the truth or reality?

A story among a group of fishermen circulated around social media back in 2007 when a huge species of an eel was captured. These fishermen were already blaming the abnormal size of the eel found in amidst the murky waters of the lagoon. High levels of pollution resulting from decades of spillage caused by the industrial development of the region may have been the result of a genetic mutation which led to the development of this specimen of a humungous eel. But what is the legend of the Albufeiran monster actually hiding?

Javier Gandía, the General Director of Vicente Gandía says: “It is an increasingly difficult challenge for any brand when approaching millennials. Creating products with a solid history is a good way to attract their attention as they are steeped in content which allows them to interact with each other using new technology. One highly significant factor is that they are also sustainable projects. The Albufera Monster, the new beer from Vicente Gandía pays testament to this”

The new Bodegas Vicente Gandía sustainable project has come to light with the objective of raising social awareness for renovating the Albufeira National Park which forms the main gateway to the Valencian landscape. It is a mild, aromatic and artisan beer brewed by winemakersby using two lightly roasted barley ecological malts and wheat in the style of a Blonde Ale. The combination of two varieties of organic hops, saaz and cascade give the aromas a particularly refined feature. It is fermented twice inside the bottle which produces natural carbonation (without additional CO2) and which gives it a particularly pleasant, healthy and different feel. The Albufera Monster is a pale amber coloured beer with hints of honey and vanilla which resemble a Californian Chardonnay wine. It is easy to drink and is really refreshing. The flavours are really well integrated in spite of its bitter taste. It is ideal as an accompaniment to tapas, salads, rice dishes, and grilled meat or fish.

The Albufera Monster is a craft, vegan and organic beer brewed by winemakers. For a cleaner Albufeira.

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