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Innovation boosts the sales of Vicente Gandia


Bodegas Vicente Gandia, celebrated its annual convention at the Las Arenas Hotel in Valencia. The winery presented its employees at the end of 2017 with very positive data for the company compared to 2016. The company closed 2017 with a growth of 18% in its turnover which has provided an increase in pre-tax profits of 30%. Obtaining total earnings of 4.4 million euros.

The company, directed by Javier Gandía, and a pioneer in innovation within the wine world, closes the year 2017 with an EBITDA of 5.7 million euros and a total turnover of 37 million euros.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía wants to continue growing and improve on innovation and brand. Therefore, in 2018 it will invest 5 million euros.

The winery will improve its facilities in Chiva by developing an expansion of 4,000m2 of its warehouse with a capacity of 6,000 pallets and a warehouse management system (SGA). This warehouse will be one of the largest in Spain in the sector and will be characterized by having a temperature and humidity control system. In the same way, we are working on the implementation of a production line management system (SGL), thus digitizing the entire bottling plant.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía is very aware that digitization is the future, Javier Gandia: “Not only must we innovate in the products but also in the way we develop them. Technology and innovation are the main basis. We are facing an increasingly competitive environment”.

In addition, the company is very aware of the environment and therefore will take measures in this regard by installing a packaging line that will be the most advanced on the market and that meets the necessary characteristics to take care of the environment.

On the other hand, Vicente Gandía is immersed in the creation of a “Continuous Improvement Plan”. The philosophy of continuous improvement is based on the development of the company’s resources, especially human resources and internal learning.

Sandara is one of the brands of the company that year after year achieves new successes, becoming a reference within the company. This range of sparkling low-alcohol wine has increased its sales by 53% in 2017 compared to 2016, reaching 2 million units.

During the convention, the winery presented the latest innovative concept that is about to go to market: Sandara Lemon, a fusion of white wine and Mediterranean lemons with a hint of hops. This reference is characterized by an alcohol content of 5.5, making it a different and surprising product within the wine world.

Sandara Lemon joins other innovations within the company with Sandara Chardonnay & Sake and Sandara Wine Mojito.

In addition, the behaviour of the most relevant brands of the company has been very positive, with increases in El Miracle with 19%, Nebla 16%, Finca del Mar 29%, Con Un Par 84% and Alicante Port 113%. Its other two main brands: Castillo de Liria and Hoya de Cadenas have remained stable.

In the year 2017, Vicente Gandia exported 61% and allocated 39% to the national market. The markets with the highest growth in this last year were: Taiwan, South Korea, Nigeria, Ukraine, Australia and the United States, where the subsidiary has generated positive numbers to the company, managing to surpass the million-dollar mark in turnover.

In 2017 Bodegas Vicente Gandía increased the workforce by 6.8% to accompany this growth and currently has 141 members in its company.

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