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Sauvignon Blanc, the new commitment of Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery has converted a total of 11 hectares of its vineyard in the Hoya de Cadenas Estate with the Sauvignon Blanc variety

Hoya de Cadenas located in the interior of the province of Valencia is an oenological paradise that houses the vineyards of the different grape varieties that Bodegas Vicente Gandía uses to make its most premium wines. The fact that it is located on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca, enjoys a particular microclimate in which the thermal oscillations between day and night give the grapes their own characteristics and facilitate the accumulation of much-appreciated polyphenols.

This estate was purchased by the Gandia’s family in 1991 and is their seal of identity. The central part of the vineyard, a total of 11 hectares, was until now a plantation of the Tempranillo variety. Currently, this plot has been replanted with the Sauvignon Blanc variety. The person in charge of making this change has been Juan Vicente Montero, the estate’s head of viticulture.

Juan Vicente, has been working for the Hoya de Cadenas for years and as a viticulturist he stands out: “Viticulture is the art and science of growing the vine, we have to bear in mind that one of the fundamental factors to obtain a good wine is born from the care and good handling of the grape… To say that as a viticulturist it is work very beautiful but very sacrificed, where each strain if you pamper it and know how to give it what it needs at all times, it will more than reward you for your effort and work”.

The winery’s decision to make this change was due to the high demand for the Sauvignon Blanc variety. This new plantation will allow us to create wines of excellent quality and flavor since this variety of white grapes has adapted very well to our terroir. With this new area of Sauvignon Blanc, Bodegas Vicente Gandía will be able to satisfy the high demand for wines made with this varietal with its own grapes.





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