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The “Miracle” of Sustainability at Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery put together design and sustainability through the “Recycle your Miracle” campaign

Recycle your Miracle is the name of the campaign being carried out by Bodegas Vicente Gandía through its wines from the El Miracle brand, a brand that launches a new aesthetic by presenting its wines in beautiful exclusive bottles. The range pays tribute to the winery’s 135th anniversary as each of its three wines are numbered No. 1 for red, No. 3 for white and No. 5 for rosé respectively. A different way of conceptualizing the identity of each reference of this legendary wine brand.

Based on the principle of the three “Rs” of sustainability (Reduce, Recycle and Reuse), the winery wants to reward the creativity of El Miracle consumers who will have to give a second life to the bottles of wine from this brand. With this action we will be helping to reduce waste by recycling glass through the reuse of bottles that will become various objects with a different purpose for which they were created.

Recycling your Miracle is very simple, you only need to follow these simple steps:

  • Enjoy a bottle of El Miracle Nº1, Nº3 or Nº5.
  • Use the empty El Miracle bottle to create something unique
  • Take one or more photos of the creation
  • Upload photos along with the contact details to the microsite
  • A jury chosen by the winery will choose the three winners


The promotion is endowed with € 3,000 in prizes that are divided into € 1,500 for the winner, € 1,000 for the second and € 500 for the third. In addition, among all the participants, 5 lots of El Miracle will be raffled, consisting of a box of each wine.

The 2030 agenda is setting the roadmap for companies in terms of sustainability and good environmental practices. Bodegas Vicente Gandía has a firm commitment to protecting the environment and works so that its wines are the result of a sustainable action in all the processes of their life cycle. The winery is fully involved in an ecological transition process in which it is intended in the future to measure what the contribution will be to reducing the carbon footprint. Proof of this is the recent obtaining of the ISO-14001 certificate that recognizes the good practices of the company in environmental management.

Among the main commitments aimed to comply with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the 2030 Agenda, the winery is carrying out various actions:

  • Packaging materials reduction: Minimizing the weight of the bottles of our best-selling wines.
  • Use of sustainable materials such as aluminium to bottle some wines such as the new Sandara, a brand of low-alcohol sparkling wines.
  • Own raw materials (km 0), we use our own grapes to make our quality wines
  • Proximity suppliers. We buy more than € 10 M in wines, grapes and must coming from rural areas, many of them at serious risk of depopulation, thus managing to fix these farmers in their environment giving the people who live there more opportunities.
  • Conservation of own vineyards improving the landscape in the area where they are located
  • Recycling of water through the installation of two treatment plants in our production centers
  • Facilitate optimal working conditions for the entire workforce and make it attractive to the worker by retaining talent within the company.
  • Optimize electricity consumption in production lines
  • Encourage actions focused on promoting the circular economy such as the promotion “Recycle your Miracle

The planet is experiencing an environmental crisis with the global climate change that nobody questions. Bodegas Vicente Gandía wants to do its bit to leave a better world for future generations.

If you want to know more about our susainability you can click here.

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