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Cero Coma

A non-alcoholic wine from Bodegas Vicente Gandia succeeds in the United Kingdom

“Cero Coma” red 0% receives 90 points in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC)

Cero Coma red 0%, the dealcoholized wine from Bodegas Vicente Gandia, is scored 90 points by the experts who blind taste in the IWSC 2023 competition. This recognition has a special meaning since the wines are blind tasted by an international panel of experts. IWSC is one of the competitions with the greatest reputation and influence where wines from more than 50 countries compete. In addition, it is one of the most demanding competitions when it comes to scoring wines and it is very difficult to obtain scores higher than 90 points.

Cero Coma red is a cherry red wine with violet hues. The aromas of ripe red fruits stand out with tertiary hints of wood. On the palate it is sweet, fruity, light and with a smooth finish. A non-alcoholic red that surprises and leaves no one indifferent.

Spanish wines have been in a very good position. All the national and international awards that Bodegas Vicente Gandia has been winning over the years bode well for the Valencian winery, which little by little continues to grow and invest in innovative products for different audiences, such as its range of Cero Coma dealcoholized wines.


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