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Sandara presents the new 250ml aluminium bottle

Vicente Gandia winery is pioneer once again in the wine industry being the first winery in Valencia using this type of packaging.

After six years harvesting success, Sandara re-invents itself again and introduce its products in a brand new individual 250 ml packaging made of aluminum. Sandara White and Sandara Rosé will be the two first releases to be introduced in this new format and they will be launched in the 50 countries where the brand is present.

Sandara is characterized by being a brand that manages to reach through innovation the new consumers. Javier Gandia, our General Manager, says: “Contemporary consumers have a new lifestyle. This brand was developed for satisfy the taste and customer needs”. Throughout it’s trajectory, Sandara has released avant-garde references like a: white wine with mojito, chardonnay with authentic Japanese sake or sparkling white wine with lemon.

Five key factors for a successful product

Sustainability: This bottle and cap are 100% recyclable, both made of aluminium.

Convenience: Aluminium provides comfort, allows the liquid to chill quicker and keeps cold for longer time. In addition, the screwcap bottle format permit to be opened and closed as many times as needed.

Durability: Unbreakable package. It has an inner lining that protects the contact of the liquid with this material. This package is opaque and keeps better the taste preserving the product from direct light.

Versatility: Individual format of 25ml in aluminium bottle. New format in the wine industry with much more possibilities than glass packaging. This package can be used in: swimming pool bars, outdoor activities, beach bars or music festivals. The weight and size are ideal for airlines, trains, cruise lines, convenience stores or hotels.

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