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Avento, the new wine of Vicente Gandia

Vicente Gandia winery release a new fruity white wine made with Malvasia and Moscatel grape varietal.

Avento is an aromatic white wine with Malvasia and Moscatel, two grape varietals cultivated in the Mediterranean area and cared by our winemakers. Pepe Hidalgo, our head winemaker, says: “This wine is the perfect choice for today’s consumers. It’s easy to drink, aromatic and as well an oenologic adventure”

Because of the high temperatures in the summer period, the grapes are harvested at night to preserve all the aromas of this wine. They are then fermented at a low temperature to maintain all the primary aromas of these excellent grape varietals.

This white wine is bright and clean, yellow in colour with greyish hues. Notable for the aromas that display the Malvasia variety, with touches of tropical fruits. On the palate it’s expressive and fruity, with touches of lime and aniseed, which come from the Muscat variety. A white wine with a lingering finish.

During this year, the winery has a lot of projects in progress. This fantastic white wine is only one of them but there’s still a lot more to come.

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