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Vicente Gandia reinvent the Bobal from the hand of Pepe Hidalgo

Bobal Blanco and Bobal Negro are the two new creations of Bodegas Vicente Gandía, winegrowers since 1885. This project is the first one carried out by Pepe Hidalgo, new Technical Director of Bodegas Vicente Gandía. Hidalgo comes from a long saga of winemakers and has extensive experience in maximizing the quality of Bobal, the indigenous variety of the Utiel – Requena area. The combination of very careful practices in the vineyard with green pruning and restricted watering take this grape to another level producing exceptional wines.

José Hidalgo has created 2 wonderful wines: Bobal Blanco and Bobal Negro. Both wines under the appellation of origin Utiel – Requena, premium and innovative, limited production wines. With a luxury presentation and an exclusive design in which a unique bottle has been used, this range of wines will manage to satisfy the most gourmet palates. At the same time, it manages to connect with the new communication codes demanded by the contemporary consumers.

Hidalgo underscore: “Bobal Blanco, is blanc de Noirs, the first production worldwide of this variety of red grape. A wine with a unique character and a balance that I am sure will surprise. Bobal Negro is a wine with great complexity, great to be enjoyed now even though these characteristics will keep it at a high level for many years. It’s a red wine that through careful practices in the vineyard achieves a great concentration”

Bobal Blanco has been made from hand-picked Bobal red grapes. Pressed entirely with a yield under 45%. The must was stored chilled for three days in order to absorb the pale colour. Once it has been cleansed was fermented at 14º C. The fermentation process has been finished in American Oak barrels.

This wine is pale yellow with a reddish hue. Aromas of wild strawberries, white flowers and ripe fruit. On the palate, it has a well-balanced acidity with a refreshing long finish reminiscent of berries.

Bobal Negro has been made using a selection of Bobal grapes from vineyards located at the highest planes of the Utiel Requena region. It has been harvested during the middle of October with yields of under 1 k per vine. Pre-fermentation maceration is carried out at 3º C for a period of four days, after that it’s fermented at 26º C remaining with the pulp for a further ten days. The 50% of the wine has made the fermentation in barrels and the whole of the wine has spent 12 months in light toasted French oak barrels.

This wine has an intense red colour and purple rim. Aromas of rich red fruits and tofee with slight smoky notes. On the palate is well rounded and full, finishing with light notes of oak from its barrel ageing.

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