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Memoria de Sostenibilidad

Bodegas Vicente Gandia release its first Sustainability Report

We are living in a time of particular uncertainty and volatility, with a global situation that has repercussions in numerous areas such as the economy, energy supply, supply chains, and the effects of climate change. This entails a set of risks for our activity, which we must transform into opportunities that allow us to be resilient in the near future.

At Bodegas Vicente Gandía, we are aware of this, and we want to face these challenges as best we know: by combining our long winemaking tradition with innovation and sustainability. We want to protect our soils, not just from an environmental perspective but also by taking the society into account and the people who inhabit it.

This has led us to integrate sustainability as a key part of our business model, defining ambitious goals that will allow us to rise to the occasion and respond to an increasingly demanding society. We have focused on three key axes: people, planet, and products.

In this regard, we have identified the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as a guide for defining our business strategy. This means that the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been considered as a reference point to establish commitments and goals that will enable us to advance in the axes of sustainability.

By promoting these axes and acting in accordance with the SDGs, we will be able to secure higher confidence and improve our position in order to continue ensuring the supply of our products and reach new markets.

With the release of our first Sustainability Report, corresponding to the year 2021, we want to talk about the sustainability commitments that we have acquired in our winery, in addition to offering a global vision of the main milestones achieved in each aspect.

The report has been drafted following the guidelines set by the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative and represents the starting point of our commitment to transparency.

The Sustainability Report is only available in a digital version to reduce the use of paper and is available for download at Vicente Gandia Pla website.

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