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uva pirata

Uva Pirata, the most rogue bet of Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery launches the approach with two new wines made with the Garnacha variety

Bodegas Vicente Gandia creates two new wines made with the Garnacha variety. Both, with a unique personality, ready to conquer the most demanding palates and whose protagonist appears on the front label and is known as Uva Pirata.

Do you want to know what this protagonist is like?

“Raising the glass, all sails on high,
ten casks on each side mounted seen,
he does not like sweet, but dry,
the bully swordsman pirate drinks;

The “dreaded winemaker” named,
for more than a thousand wines having tasted,
among all uva pirata his preferred,
glass after glass neverending.”

These two new wines have a great personality that is due to the optimal point of ripeness of the grape at the time of harvest. Also in both wines you can find the Hidden Treasure in their corks in the form of hundreds of gifts.

Uva Pirata Garnacha Blanca, straw yellow in colour with greenish reflections. On the nose, it has an intense aroma of red apple and pear with hints of flowers and tropical fruit. The palate is fresh and agile, with lively acidity and an aftertaste reminiscent of apple and jasmine.

Harvested before the grapes are browned by the sun to preserve the subtlety of the aromas of this white grape, they are macerated with my skins for 6 hours before being gently pressed. Clean, fermented at 14ºC and aged on its lees for 3 months.

Uva Pirata Garnacha tinta, intense, dark red colour with a bright rim. The nose exudes aromas of black fruit, with hints of toast and English toffee from the barrel fermentation. The palate is full-bodied, full-bodied and pleasant on the palate. Leaving a long and elegant after-taste of spices.

After malolactic fermentation in French oak barrels, I remained in the same barrels for 6 months. I can present precipitations of colouring matter due to the fact that the filtration was performed a lightly so as not to diminish my organoleptic qualities.

Dare to navigate a new world of sensations!

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