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vine weeping

Vine Weeping: the phenological state that marks the beginning of a new stage

The vineyards of our latitude begin to show signs of activation with the sap sprouting from their pruning wounds

Winter is key for the viticulture sector. After the harvest, the withering occurs, at which time the plant accumulates reserves to spend the winter. With the fall of the leaves, the winter rest stage begins, also known as vegetative rest. The plant ceases all activity and the winegrower takes the opportunity to carry out the pruning, a key task for the development of future vines and the formation of the new harvest.

With the arrival of spring, there is a gradual rise in soil temperature. When it exceeds 10ºC, the root system of the vines is activated, as well as their cellular respiration. Which helps the plant recover from winter dormancy by absorbing water and minerals from the soil. Also, it mobilizes the reserves that it stored during the withering stage.

The role of sap in the vine

The vine weep is the culmination of the ascent of the sap through the branches. In a movement that is carried out by root pressure, it begins to circulate throughout the plant which, in the absence of leaves and stems, ends up emerging through the pruning wounds in the form of translucent drops, hence its name.

The sap is a vital substance for the development and growth of plants, whose function is to transport nutrients throughout the entire vine so that it develops normally.

Prevention of pest invasion

The end of the weeping is indicated by a viscous mass that covers the pruning wounds. These are bacteria that coexist in the sap, mixed with salts, minerals and other organic substances that help heal these pruning wounds.

This thus protects the vineyard against the invasion of insect or fungal pests that could enter through these cuts.

The weeping of the vine in our Hoya de Cadenas Estate

A few days ago, fellow winegrowers and oenologists from our Hoya de Cadenas Estate told us that the vines had begun to cry.

Without a doubt, it is an exciting time for everyone, since, although climate change is looming, the vineyards show their strength and vitality, which makes us very happy.

The tenacity of our vineyard in the face of adversity is an example of greatness to which we join to continue working, motivated despite the fatality of the context that surrounds us. The entire team at Bodegas Vicente Gandía is committed to making this happen. Because without a doubt, the illusion of bringing a new harvest to the market with our seal wins.

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Article written by:
Brenda Melero,
Brand Ambassador

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