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What factors influence the purchase of wine?

To try to decipher all the conditions that my friend María is going to consider when she goes to buy the wines for her dinner with friends at home, we continue to review other factors that will surely end up influencing your decision.

Attributes of the product

The extrinsic attributes of the product are those that can be modified without changing the product itself. In this post, we focus on those that are used to capture the attention of consumers. These are the tools we have to differentiate our products at the points of sale:

  1. The shape and weight of the bottle. The saturation of products on the shelves and the similarity of the packaging used in the wine sector make companies look for a way to capture the attention of consumers through differentiated bottles, either because of the shape, the color of the glass or its weight. There is research carried out that relates the weight of the bottle with a higher quality of product and its price. For example, our new wines El Miracle N01, N03 and N05 have have a bottle made especially for these products, which gives them a certain exclusivity and originality that makes them stand out.
  2. The design and colors of the label are differentiating elements that can arouse the interest of wine buyers. There are several generic types of wine labels that appeal to different consumer segments; classic designs that recall the tradition of certain brands, others more modern that appeal to the differentiation and tastes of younger consumers… In addition, the association of colors with certain flavors can influence the subconscious process of choice at the time of purchase.
  1. The type of closure is another tool that consumers use to infer the quality of the product they can find. Cork is associated with higher quality products than bottles that are closed by metal threads, although this perception has evolved according to which markets.
  2. The promotional offer is a fundamental element when it comes to attracting the attention of wine consumers. Attractive prices, exhibitors located in strategic places, gifts added to the product, raffles, contests, posters that highlight the products, etc… These are tools that are used to capture the attention of buyers at different points of sale.

What factors will María take into account when choosing the wines?

Like Maria, many consumers are faced with the task of choosing wines for a social event or as a gift, and each will decide in their own way. We all believe we are rational consumers, but more than 80% of purchasing decisions are made unconsciously. We are human first.



Article written by:
Raúl Custodio,
Director, Business Development

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