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Success of Bodegas Vicente Gandía in the Salón Gourmets of Madrid

The Valencian winery has presented its new iconic wines: “Ceramic Monastrell” and the collection “Bobal” by Pepe Hidalgo.

Great reception from the public and critics of the new iconic wines from Bodegas Vicente Gandía. On the occasion of the celebration the 34th Edition of the Fair “Salón Gourmet 2021”, the Valencian winery presented its new wines in Madrid at the event that brought together national and international professionals from the gastronomic sector: restoration, hospitality, distribution, catering and specialist trade.

With 75,000 visitors, 46,500 m2 of exhibition space and 1,548 exhibitors, the “Salón Gourmets” is one of the largest fairs in Europe in the sector and one of the most prestigious references in the world. This show presents the best showcase of trends in high quality products.

salon gourmet


Ceramic Monastrell and the Bobal collection, both made by Pepe Hidalgo have been the main stars of Bodegas Vicente Gandia in the “Salon Gourmets”. Both references have had a great response from critics and especially from customers, who have valued these wines very positively.

Bodegas Vicente Gandía is currently immersed in an ambitious project to improve its positioning through the launch of Premium references that aim to reach the most gourmet sector to compete face to face with the great Spanish and international wines.

Salón Gourmets is a perfect showcase for Bodegas Vicente Gandía to deliver these wines to specialized distribution in the agri-food sector in order to get their wines referenced in the best restaurants and gourmet stores. These types of actions are of great help to improve the positioning of Valencian wines in general.

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