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Barón de Valls Ice, the new release of Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery launches its first Ice range, two new semi-dry sparkling wines to drink with ice.

A range of sparkling wines designed to be consumed with ice, creating a new experience for the consumer. It will allow you to rediscover the way to drink sparkling wines, consumers want new experiences and these products are the perfect example to surprise them. Sparkling wines that will go beyond the expectations in this ever-changing market.

This range consists of two sparkling wines:

Barón de Valls Ice White has fine and crunchy bubbles. It has bright pale yellow color with greenish reflections. On the nose displays aromas of green apple and white fruits with hints of white flowers and pastries. In the mouth it has a balanced acidity that sustains a subtle background of white fruits and flowers.

Barón de Valls Ice Rosé has fine, bright and refreshing bubbles. Pale pink with a scent of wild strawberry with hints of rose petal. On the palate it displays a balanced acidity, a good mid palate with a finish reminiscent of red fruits.

Barón de Valls Ice does not lose its bubbles when it comes into contact with ice, it means that does not need to be chilled before it’s consumption. It’s perfect for hot days and due to its composition, it’s perfect for cocktails and always keeps its bubbles. Once served in the glass it takes much longer to lose the cold.

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