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estación semiautomática

Bodegas Vicente Gandía installs a new semi-automatic station to optimize the bottling line

The Valencian winery starts up this station to optimize the performance of the bottling line while improving the working conditions of the operators at the Chiva facilities

Depending on their classification, some wines require a period of maturation in the bottle. Once these bottles have been filled, they have to be stored in cages before being labelled. Until now, the process of filling and emptying these crates, which hold 700 bottles, was manual and with the installation of this semi-automatic robot, this process is optimized, allowing the reduction of the physical effort of the operators, while improving productivity.

Adrián Encijo, industrial manager of Bodegas Vicente Gandia, has been in charge of carrying out this project. Adrián Encijo: “This installation would not have been possible without the collaboration of all the departments. This new station will allow us to fill the cages so that our wines can make the bottle aging period in the best conditions. To this end, the winery has built a space at the Hoya de Cadenas Estate to house these cages where they can make the bottle ageing under optimum temperature and humidity conditions”.

The installation of the semi-automatic station allows a better performance in the bottling line and better conditions for the operators of Vicente Gandía wineries. Since its recent release, a record number of 405,532 bottles have been filled in cages in just three working days.

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