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cero coma vino sin alcohol

Cero Coma, the new alcohol-free wine from Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery enters in a new market niche with healthy lifestyle consumers

Beverage trends have shown that there is a part of society concerned about high alcohol consumption. For this reason, the Valencian winery has decided to create a brand that meets the needs of new consumers with a healthier lifestyle such as: athletes, people whose religion does not allow them to consume alcohol … etc.

Bodegas Vicente Gandia creates Cero Coma, an alcohol-free range that is made up of:

Cero Coma White, its straw yellow color with light greenish tones, clean and bright. It presents an elegant balance between floral and fruity aromas, highlighting the aromas of fruits such as pear and green apple. On the palate is light, pleasant and with a remarkable aftertaste. A white 0.0% alcohol that leaves no one indifferent.

Cero Coma Red, highlights its cherry red with violet rims. The aromas of ripe red fruits stand out with tertiary touches of wood. On the palate it is sweet, fruity, light and with a smooth finish. An alcohol-free red that will surprise you.

This new range is made through a process of dealcoholisation technique in which no chemical substance other than the wine intervenes, the result is a natural and high-quality wine. It should be noted that it’s a meticulous work of maturation and reconstruction of non-alcoholic wine. This process of dealcoholisation technique is mainly characterized by two methods: low temperature evaporation and aroma recovery.

Cero Coma is a alcohol-free wine alternative for those who by their own decision or by necessity can’t enjoy a glass of wine. These wines will allow Vicente Gandía to explore new markets in which the winery had no presence so far.

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