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certificado S “Sostenibilidad Turística”

Vicente Gandía obtains the S “Tourism Sustainability” certificate at the Finca Hoya de Cadenas

The Valencian winery has recently obtained the S “tourism sustainability” certificate, awarded by the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (ICTE). This seal recognizes the monitoring, performance, compliance and effectiveness of the sustainability plan developed in the Bodegas Vicente Gandia wine tourism project on the Finca Hoya de Cadenas, as well as its contribution to the SDGs.

The S “Tourism Sustainability” certificate assesses compliance with Sustainable Development Goals in tourism organizations. The number of SDGs that fall into the scope has been 5: 3, 8, 12, 13 and 15 for which the winery has identified objectives in its action plan. The sustainable development objectives that the winery has identified as priorities are based on such relevant matters as the promotion of health and well-being, decent work and economic growth, responsible production and consumption, climate action and life. of terrestrial ecosystems.

Some of the actions carried out by the winery in these matters are: the installation of photovoltaic panels to reduce the consumption of energy of fossil origin, the promotion of actions within the wine in moderation program on responsible production and consumption, improvement in waste management and circular economy, actions with economic impact on the region and on the working conditions of staff and actions to disseminate and protect native grape varieties. The verification by the certifying company of all these actions has resulted in obtaining the S Tourism Sustainability certificate for Bodegas Vicente Gandía.

A well-deserved certificate, for the great work carried out by the Bodegas Vicente Gandía team, to give value to their project and their way of making wines to all those people who visit Finca Hoya de Cadenas, which is a paradise for the senses.

This recognition shows that Bodegas Vicente Gandía is committed to certified sustainability, which constitutes a differentiating element that goes beyond the service itself, providing added value to the establishment, improving its image and competitiveness under sustainable criteria.

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