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Bottling, the essential process to verify the quality of wine

Bodegas Vicente Gandía invests in a new line to produce Bag in Box of different capacities.

What is a BIB (Bag in Box)?

It’s a wine format that is presented in a plastic bag inside a carton package. The plastic bag incorporates a tap at the bottom that makes easier to serve the wine. A comfortable way of serving wine and that allows the perfect preservation of its organoleptic characteristics.

These advantages are the reason why this format is growing around the world.

In our facilities we have one goal: the quality of our wines. The production process must be managed in detail, with great care, hygiene and a constant production rate. Our main objective is create wines with the best quality every year.

To achieve this we need suitable facilities, for this reason our bottling lines are perfectly adapted to be able to produce all kind of products.

Currently, we have installed a new Bag in Box (BIB) line that allows us to make different sizes: 1, 3, 5 or 10 liters, increasing our production capacity.

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