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The OCU highlights Hoya de Cadenas Brut Nature chains at competitive prices

The organisation of consumers and users also targets this with the valencian cava these will prove to be crucial during christmas time.

This organism emphasises the fact that cava has a major presence in all households throughout the Christmas period. It highlights the fact that it remains the favourite among Spaniards during celebrations and major events held among both families and friends.

It also indicates that the cavas are of “high quality at particularly competitive prices”. All of the hosts face the challenge throughout the Christmas period of offering products which keep their guests happy without them having to be hit in the pocket.

Hoya de Cadenas Cava Brut Nature has been one of the ranges most highly rated by this organisation. They consider this cava as one of the best in Spain in terms of value for money. This is a very significant statement because it is the customers who are paramount.

This cava is created by adopting the traditional method. It is bottled for a period of ten months after the base white wine variety has been obtained so that it is then able to enhance the Macabeo aroma. The bottles remain in a horizontal position throughout this period, known as “in stacks”, and they remain a constant temperature of about 15ºC in order to undergo a second fermentation by accumulating the yeasts along the bottle.

This provides an ideal accompaniment to entrees, smoked platters, oysters, fish and seafood.

It is noticeable for its straw yellowish colour and for its refined and persistent fizz. The aroma is both clean and fruity with a pungent citrus feature and a hint of floral notes. It provides a superb flavour inside the mouth, which is both dry and fruity at the same time with a carbonic, well integrated and long-lasting aftertaste.

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