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Hoya de Cadenas, the benchmark of Valencian cava

Valencia has been the pioneering region in producing Cava outside of Catalonia and is perhaps the one region which has achieved the greatest success in terms of both productivity and quality. Valencian cavas have been massively appreciated by consumers throughout Spain over the past few years.

The Hoya de Cadenas cavas have enhanced their image after having ten years of experience by updating their image with new labels to create a more homogeneous identity which remains consistent with all of the other brand’s wines. Hoya de Cadenas consists of a wide variety of five different cavas: Semi Seco, Brut, Brut Rosé, Brut Organic and Brut Nature.

It is looking towards the future by enticing people, giving people an opportunity, and making people who they want to be happy by providing an illusion and bringing success. Bodegas Vicente Gandía transfers all of these qualities to its Hoya de Cadenas Cava Brut Nature, its most outstanding showpiece. A 100% Macabeo Valencian cava which is characterised by its sparkle and which is a perfect accompaniment to snacks, smoked platters, oysters, fish, sushi or seafood.

The cava is created using the traditional or the “Champenoise” methods. It is bottled for a period of ten months after the base white wine variety has been obtained in order to produce Hoya de Cadenas. The bottles remain in a horizontal position during this period, known as “in stacks”, and remain at a constant temperature of about 15 ºC in order to undergo a second fermentation by accumulating the yeasts in the neck of the bottle.

There must be something particularly special about the Vicente Gandía when it is in increasing demand in various markets such as: Sweden, Japan, Holland or Belgium, which are the primary markets acquiring the Hoya de Cadenas showpiece. The winery is without question the talisman of the Valencian cava.

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