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Uva Pirata

Reinvent or die: The restyling of Uva Pirata

Bodegas Vicente Gandia bets on the change of image of one of its most rogue ranges of wines

The Valencian winery is characterized for being a company that, even in times of crisis, cares about its image, is committed to innovation and takes risks to the point of changing the image of its products. In this case, Vicente Gandia has opted to carry out a restyling of its range of Uva Pirata wines whose grape variety is Garnacha.

Rodolfo Roca, Head of Design at Bodegas Vicente Gandia, has been in charge of carrying out this restyling. Rodolfo, has been in charge of the department for about 8 years and declares: “Uva Pirata asked for war and we wanted to give it to him!

After several years with a very successful and nice packaging we decided to bet on the risk and opted for a more aggressive and forceful solution; the label depicted the face of a pirate looking into your eyes and challenging you with a cry of conquest

Although it is true that the etiquette did not leave anyone indifferent (for better or for worse), we decided to anchor in a quieter port and lower the sails of that braggart ship. In the end, we owe it to our customers and we want all of them to enjoy a design that gives them enough to generate a positive experience. We bet on a much less figurative line and we focus on the concept. The new label around a global icon that everyone has internalized, the skull with crossed swords, but adding a pirate-style hat that represents the ship with which to commit all their outrages. To compensate for this very minimalist result, we opted for a stamped relief with an old appearance and a textured premium paper that gives it elegance and character.

The reception of the new presentation has been much more homogeneous and positive, so the new pirate has returned to conquer the seas of wine that flow to his health and to comfort the hearts of those who enjoy them alone or in company.”

Vicente Gandia stands out for having a very specific strategy in which the design of his products is key. Bet on innovation and design as it is key in the consumer purchasing decision process.

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