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Som Albufera

“Som Albufera”, the new Corporate Social Responsibility campaign of Bodegas Vicente Gandía

The Valencian winery develops a series of actions to support the general improvement of this natural space, which is so important for Valencian people.

Bodegas Vicente Gandia is immersed in a Corporate Social Responsibility project called “Som Albufera“. The objective of Vicente Gandia is to disseminate, preserve and protect the environmental values ​​of “La Albufera”, integrating the gastronomy of this area with the wines from the winery. In addition to contribute to the general improvement of the conditions of this natural space in all its aspects.

One of the actions carried out by the winery within the “Som Albufera” Plan consisted of a fundraising action through a Charity Dinner at the “Nou Racó” Restaurant in El Palmar, to raise funds and allocate them to the “Fundació Assut, an entity with which collaborates closely on this project. The purpose of this foundation is the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, as well as biodiversity and the landscape in a general sense. Its activities focus on the management, conservation, research and dissemination of the natural and human environment, with special attention to coastal environments and wetlands.

During the event, a wonderful experience was enjoyed in the “Albufera”. After enjoying a magnificent sunset in the middle of the lake to celebrate the summer solstice, the attendees enjoyed a magnificent dinner harmonized with the most premium wines from the winery. The menu for this dinner was designed jointly by Maximiliano Bao, best sommelier in Spain 2022, and Jorge Pardo, chef of the Nou Racó Restaurant

The winery wanted that this solidarity action has been an experience that attendees cannot forget, and to be able to combine environmental sustainability with gastronomy and wine culture.

The main goal of Bodegas Vicente Gandía is for all of us to contribute to the general improvement of this natural space, which is so important for all Valencians.

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