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Vicente Gandía triumphs in Japan

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Great results of the winery in Sakura Women’s Wine Awards

The wine challenge “Sakura Women’s Wine Awards” is one of the most representative and relevant in Asia. It is characterized mainly by the jury that is composed by more than 200 professional women in the world of wine: winemakers, sommeliers, producers, importers and specialized journalists, who tasted thousands of wines from different countries of the world.

It is the second consecutive year that this competition brings good news for Bodegas Vicente Gandia. Japan is a very sensitive market to the wine medals so the awards obtained announce a major campaign for the winning wines:

Double Gold medal award to Raiza red Crianza Rioja 2013, in recognition of fantastic quality. Gold Medal for Nebla Verdejo Rueda 2015 and Gold Medal for Duque de Campo Cava Brut.



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