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Vicente Gandia is renowned for its tradition and innovation

Cámara Valencia and Carrefour have presented two awards to the Valencian winery.

Cámara Valencia rewarded Bodegas Vicente Gandía for a hundred years of service for having made a contribution towards the Valencian economy for 135 years. The event took place at the Luís Vives Paterna Technology Park and brought together a number of Valencian companies who had been trading for a hundred years and who were also honoured for having provided over a hundred years of service.

The Carrefour presented the winery with the SME award two days later for being the best company in the INNOVATION sector thanks to its El Miracle Oganic organic wine range. It is an accolade which carries significant value for the winery because it is the consumers who cast votes for awarding this prize.

The winery also won two awards during the same week which highlighted two of its most important values such as tradition and innovation. Bodegas Vicente Gandía is making the most of its 135 years of experience in the world of winemaking by remaining innovative and avant-garde within the sector and by launching innovative wines such as the El Miracle, Sandara or the Solución by Lulú ranges, the latter of which is a wine made exclusively by females.

The company is committed to sustainability on a daily basis, something which is already paramount for the planet, and this is now being managed by the fourth generation of the Gandía family. The launch of organic wine ranges, the reduction in bottle weight and the deployment of material alternatives such as aluminium help save on transportation, are more efficient and are all included among the most outstanding activities in this sector where circulatory economy systems used in the treatment of water have assisted in the construction of two treatment plants in Chiva and in Utiel.

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