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Bodegas Vicente Gandía has experienced 12% growth after generating € 42 million in 2018

The Valencian winery has reinvested its growth with a view to making new investments in order to meet the growing demand for its wines around the world.

Vicente Gandia, which was awarded “The 2018 Best European Winery”, closed its 2018 financial year with an EBITDA of € 6 million and having generated an overall turnover of € 42 million, which showed an increase of 12% compared to the previous year. The winery made this announcement in public during its annual convention staged at the L’Oceanogràfic Red Sea Auditorium by stating that it had made a profit of € 4.5 million.

The company exported 60% of its production and distributed 40% of it to the national market. It has a presence in 95 countries and entered into the following markets over the past year: Mongolia, Oman, Honduras, Slovakia, Vietnam, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Javier Gandía emphasises the fact that: “These excellent results would not have been possible without members of staff striving every day to achieve these objectives. The customers, suppliers and employees are all responsible for this success.”

Vicente Gandia is also making a series of new investments throughout the period 2018-2019 to the value of € 14 million which will assist with new facilities, machinery and new projects.

Two treatment plans were installed during 2018, one of them being based in Chiva and the other one at the Hoya de Cadenas complex. Sustainability and environmental management form a key component of Vicente Gandía’s philosophy as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program (CSR).

The winery has increased its storage capabilities by opening a new 4,000 m2 warehouse with a capacity of 6,000 pallets which also includes a computerised warehouse management system. This warehouse is characterised by including both a temperature and humidity control system, making it one of the most important wine cellars in Spain.

The recent appointment of José Hidalgo as the new Technical Director of the winery, along with the acquisition of 70 hectares of vineyard space will allow the company to continue to develop within the premium wine sector.

The company is currently installing a third bottling line and a new bag in box line which is set to open in October next year. This is because the winery is geared towards meeting the growing demand for its wines around the world.

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