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Vicente Gandia is launching a new range of organic wines

The winery will create two new wines as part of the El Miracle range which are two wines made exclusively from organic grapes.

El Miracle 100% ecological white Verdejo. The most distinctive white variety in Spain. This wine has been obtained from the ancient vines of the Verdejo variety which have been pruned in glass. The wine will be fermented at 16 ºC after it has undergone specific maceration treatment for six hours.

A white wine with a combination of greenish and golden tones. The nose sets itself aside because of its exotic fruity aromas. The palate is a mild wine which fills the mouth with sweet citrus tones and apple flavours typical of a Verdejo. It has an oily finish with a particularly pleasant aftertaste.

El Miracle 100% ecological white Tempranillo. The Tempranillo variety is ideally adapted to our terroir because it is the original grape from our land.

A red wine which brings out its dark cherry colour. It generates a deep cassis like aroma combined with blackcurrant. Hints of liquorice and blackcurrants are highly prominent when inside the mouth. Its finish is both fresh and balanced.

It is true that there is a trend in the market which specifies that there has been a marked increase in the demand for environmentally friendly food and drink over the past decade. Wine is no exception and the demand for organic wines is increasing year by year. Organic wines after all are not a trend but are rather an increasing alternative.

The countries which consume the most organic wine or which are interested in consuming it on an international scale are: The USA, United Kingdom, Denmark, or Germany among others

El Miracle Verdejo and El Miracle Tempranillo are wines which give us the opportunity to enjoy their aromas and taste whilst also looking after our planet and which respect our environment in terms of how the vines age and how the wines are produced themselves.

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