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Ideal pairings for autumn

maridajes otoño

Temperatures change and our eating habits change and we want to enjoy warmer or spoon dishes. It is time to enjoy seasonal products such as pumpkin, mushrooms, chestnuts, truffles or stews and of course they can be paired with wonderful wines to find a more than perfect harmony. How can we pair these foods? Mushroom […]

Cheek with red wine Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo

carrilleras al vino tinto

Autumn is coming and a little more elaborate dishes are in the mood, not as light as in summer. Today we propose a recipe with one of our red wines: Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo. A typical dish in which wine is the key to creating a different and special flavor. The cheeks in red […]

A barbecue with friends this weekend. Recommended wine


At this time of year is when we have more lunches or dinners and given the situation we are experiencing, an outdoor barbecue is always a good idea. But, With what wines do we pair a barbecue? It is not easy since there are times and different foods that can be grilled. The time of […]

Red wine ice cream


The countdown begins for the summer, specifically we are now 7 Sundays away to welcome it. The par excellence summer dessert is ice cream. If you are a lover of red wine and ice cream, today we bring a recipe that will conquer you and your guests: red wine ice cream. Classic flavours such as […]

4 Christmas pairings

Do you know what wine to pair with the dishes this Christmas? Our winemaker Fernando Freire offers some advice on some wines for the most typical dishes for this special time of year. Christmas is a time of special moments surrounded by friends and family, the funny thing is that there are always moments when […]

Red wine sorbet

You know that we are true wine enthusiasts? Red wine and the summer time are not usually related, but if you are a great enthusiast of red wine, then drinking anything else in summer is a big mistake, since there are many ways you can drink it. Today we offer you a recipe that will […]

Truffles with red wine

It may sound strange to mix chocolate and wine, even many people say that they two elements that do not harmonize well, but the truth is that it is a perfect combination since they are gastronomic products with more common elements than you can imagine. As long as you choose the type of chocolate and […]